Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike orders demolition of Marine Base Shanties A.K.A. “Batchers”

Governor Wike noted with great dismay, the destruction of the rich tourism opportunities that lies in the Marine Base area by residents of shanties at the Marine Base axis of Port Harcourt.
‘If we have a place like this, and it's being well kept, do you know how many people will like to come to Rivers State?

 Today, we are talking about tourism, and how can you say that there should be a tourism centre when you have all these shanties around.

‘Let me say it and I don’t care what anybody will say, nobody will set Rivers State backward.’

‘Let us tell ourselves the truth... Look at the shanties and you’re telling me that the Government House Jetty is where you’ll have Governor’s Lodge,’ the Governor stated.

‘Who will come to stay here, to do what? How long can we continue to do this? Which meaningful person will drive on this road in the night without criminals blocking you?’

Governor Wike informed that the shanties that have littered the stretch of the Marine Base road will not be allowed anymore.

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