The pact has been described as a landmark development between both nations.⁣
Nigeria and Russia have signed a military cooperation deal that will provide a legal framework for the supply of equipment and the training of troops.⁣⁣
The Nigerian embassy in Moscow announced the deal on Wednesday, August 25, 2021.⁣
President Muhammadu Buhari had said he was keen on such a pact with Russia, when he met Russian President Vladimir Putin at a Russia-Africa summit in 2019.⁣
Buhari feels that the deal with Russia could help defeat the Boko Haram insurgency in the northeast of the country, and rout bandits who have become a daily menace in the northwest.⁣
"The Agreement on Military-Technical Cooperation between both countries provides a legal framework for the supply of military equipment, provision of after sales services, training of personnel in respective educational establishments and technology transfer, among others," the Nigerian embassy said in a statement.⁣
The pact has been described by the embassy as a landmark development in bilateral relations between Abuja and Moscow.⁣
Nigeria already uses some Russian fighter jets and helicopters, alongside military equipment purchased from Western powers such as the United States, in its insurgency battle, Reuters reports.⁣
In July, U.S. lawmakers had put a hold on a proposal to sell almost $1 billion of weapons to Nigeria, due to concerns about possible human rights violations by the Buhari government.⁣
However, Nigeria recently took delivery of six Super Tucano fighter jets from the United States.⁣


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