Nigerian Man Sends His Wife Packing, After Finding N3.6m In Her Account & Their Son Died Because Of N25,000 Hospital Bills

A family lost their son because both parents refused to pay for the child’s medical bills. Both the husband and the wife had money in their accounts but were arguing about who exactly would go ahead and pay for the hospital bill.

Eventually, their disagreement went on for too long and their son unfortunately d*ed.

The wife speaking out and trying to give her own side of the argument.

According to the story, as reported by TVC, the wife said that up until the point when their son d*ed, she had carried most of the financial burden of the household and claimed that her husband was irresponsible towards those burdens. She wanted the man to take accountability for his actions and finally provide for the health and wellness of their child and family.

She honestly thought her husband would rise to the occasion and never thought the child would eventually d*e. She maintained that the money in her account is her hard-earned money and that the man had no right to get angry and walk away from the marriage because she did not bring it out.

It is worthy of note to know that the medical bill in question was only N25,000. (Twenty-five thousand naira)

The man eventually found out about the N3.6 million in the wife’s account when one day he went to pick up her phone to take a call and unfortunately for the woman, there on the phone was a bank alert notification that showed the amount of money in the woman’s account – over N3.6 Million.

So the child d*ed because of N25,000 when there in the household was over N3.6 Million.

Haven't both fa*led as parents?

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