PH to the World: Creative Director of Broots Fashion Discusses Winning the Best Designer Award at the SDTA Awards

The creative director and CEO of Broots Fashion, Derick Biobele Bobmanuel (widely known as Broots), has kept the first spot in a category of three designers who raced to win the Best Supreme African Fashion Designer of the Year award.

The designer extraordinaire hails from Kalabari River State, Nigeria. As a historian and explorer, he settled in Ghana where he gets most of his style inspiration from.

This includes the culture, people, and fabrics. As a pan Africanist, he initiated the idea of promoting African art and prints with a unique twist of African wear in contemporary style.

And as a man with vision to become the leading clothing brand with a mission to maintain good standards in line with African norms and ethics, Bob launched his first clothing collection under the name Heritage Collection, a collection which was ascribed to great black men and women who fought for the socio-political recognition of black people around the world.

The Heritage Collection showcased on the 2021 Accra Fashion Week and has necessitated the brand’s designer’s consequent nomination for the Supreme Dynamic Talent Academy award.

Bob was hyperactive to the disclose what winning the best fashion designer award at the SDTA Awards meant to him. Not just a mere plaque to him, but a conglomeration of tears of joy for the recognition of the hard work he puts in his creation.

“I love to create new things and find new solutions for everyday problems,” he said, while narrating his journey to becoming the Best SDTA Designer of the Year.

Clearly, with his creative talent, Bobmanuel could quite succeed as a DJ, but his passion for fashion designing is just as jealous as a mistress who would not love to see her mister having a chat with another woman.

Broots Fashion’s latest collection will launch at the Fashion Connect Africa’s second edition.

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