Respiratory illnesses worsen, water pollution confirmed as Port Harcourt residents battle with soot


Aside from causing or triggering respiratory diseases, as well as coating every surface in black, the Port Harcourt soot is also contaminating water, including the water consumed by residents but health experts and environmental advocates appear not to be paying attention.

PREMIUM TIMES collected water samples from Nonwa in Ogoni and Rumuagholu in Port Harcourt and handed the samples to the Standards Organisation of Nigeria for analysis at its laboratory.

The results of the analysis revealed that most of the water consumed in the areas covered by soot does not meet the standard requirements for potable water.

Residents of these areas use the water for different domestic purposes like cooking, drinking and bathing.

The test found the samples to be acidic (PH less than 6.5), with taste and odour. SON also found microbes, although in small quantities, present in the water as against international standards.