CHARITY: Highlights of Emergency Station's Free Medical Outreach

On Tuesday the 6th of September, 2022, We at Emergency Station carried out a free medical outreach in Abuloma community, Rivers State.

The outreach was held at Salvations Ministries Church, Okoma Hall, Abuloma and over 300 hundred people including adults, children and elderly had free services ranging from Free malaria tests to free blood sugar tests, HIV tests, COVID-19 screening, blood pressure check-up, free dental care and administration of routine medicines for free; all these services were carried out by professional doctors, pharmacists and volunteers. 

According to the founder  of Emergency Station and initiator of Emergency Station Free Medical Outreach, Lewis-Wikina Barisuka, Giving back an Emergency Station attitude.

Personally I love to  put aside some part of my income for charity projects and have also transferred that attitude to organisations I head;  In as much as Emergency Station is a profit driven business, we also  intentionally use some percentage of our profit for charity outreaches. From Free Medical Outreaches to reaching out to orphanages, less privileged, the elderly and more; we try to be a helping hand in ways we can; she said

Emergency Station is an event emergency management company with services  that include

Qualified Medics on site
⚫Makeup Touch-Up Mirror/Section and Makeup Artist
First Aid
Tailors/Outfit Touch-up section

⚫ Charging Ports / Electrical Power Extension

Ambulance Services


Events Covered

·       Weddings

·       Birthdays

·       Burials

·       Concerts

·       Trade Fairs

·       Festivals

·       Corporate Parties/events

.     Sporting Events and more

See more photos  from the outreach below

This outreach was supported by Lewis-Wikina  Barilee for Community and Environmental Impact Group 

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