Start saving money, borrow or sell your television in order to attend my program - Pastor Agochukwu

Gospel Agochukwu, a Pastor based in Port Harcourt, has urged his followers to make sacrifices in order to attend his church programme. He advised them to save money, borrow or sell their televisions if necessary. 

He wrote, “Who has bewitched this generation of ministers?

“Who has put great men in the womb of destiny under strong manipulation

“Revd Dr Chidi Okoroafor is currently in the USA for a ministers conference and he will be flying from there straight to Port-Harcourt for this One Time Life Encounter with me.

“You that are in Nigeria are complaining of Transport money to Port-Harcourt even when there is Free Accommodation, Free FEEDING and Free Registration.

“You are under strong attack if transport is your problem in attending this program.

“I advise you to start now to start saving money, borrow or sell your television. How can you be watching television when you haven’t sharpened your vision yet?”

Agochukwu expressed surprise that some individuals were complaining about not having enough money for transportation when free accommodation, feeding, and registration would be provided. 

He questioned why a fellow pastor from the United States could make the journey while his followers in Nigeria were struggling. 

Agochukwu emphasized the importance of prioritizing their attendance at the programme and suggested that they focus on sharpening their vision instead of watching television.