The past one week was suspense filled for Canon's family and friends following his kidnap on Friday on his way to Port Harcourt.

The good report about his released was shared by his elder brother Otto Orondaam on facebook, earlier today.

These were his exact words.

The past 7 days have been the toughest and scariest days for me & my family.
My younger brother got kidnapped while traveling into Port Harcourt. He was driving on Emuoha road and suddenly a group of men ahead of him randomly opened fire on his car forcing him to stop and he was abducted and taken into the forest.
My number was the only number he remembered and he called me that night with a strange number sounding so depressed.
"Orondaam I am not fine. I have been kidnapped. Please do something to help me". As I asked him where he was I then I hear a cracked voice on the background saying things I can't even write. At that point my skin literally went cold and my head felt heavy.
I was about to give a presentation at the US Department of State but I became speechless. The room went dark and I couldn't even say a word. It felt like my heart stopped working. ( God bless their amazing team & my RAB team for being supportive all through the past days )
I went back to my hotel and Minutes turned to hours, hours into days. My eyes became heavy cos I couldn't sleep. We called everyone we could call. My mum kept calling me severally at night crying and praying.
After 2 days of being quiet I told my MWF cohort, whom I'm representing in the US and my Slum2School family who were planning a project and immediately the planning paused and both groups became praying centers.
Unfortunately the news found its way on several media blogs even when we never wanted it to and the kidnappers loved the media buzz and doubled the ransom with more threats.
But because we serve a Great God who governs, protects and oversees the earth, because He answers us when we call on Him, my brother was released last night unhurt and without a scratch after 7 days.
Thanks to everyone who had heard the news and reached out to us. Your support and show of love filled our hearts when they were empty and I can't thank you all enough.

Our prayers have been answered and God has done what He alone can do best. My younger brother @ottocanon is free and safe. 
And I pray the same for our country. 🙏
#OttoOrondaam #OttoCanon

  This is indeed a great news, we need a safer state.