EXCLUSIVE! How a DSS officer stopped Don Wanni's confession

It has been confirmed that while Don Wanni, the dreaded kidnap kingpin and murderer was caught alive by security forces led by the Nigerian Army, 82 Division Enugu and their Department of State Security counterparts, an official of the DSS who is suspected to have been paid to sabotage the confessions of the Omoku born militant had fired a shot from a close range through his back, on the pretext that Don Wanni had boasted of possessing anti bullet powers known as #Odeshi in local parlance, as such he tried to confirm Wanni's claims.
As he fired the shot, the bullet pierced his eye through his head. 

That quickly put to an end the confessions being made by the terrorist who was responsible for the myriads of deaths in the Omoku area of Rivers State.
Our source confirmed that the Army is in possession of the recorded confessions and the phones belonging to him, which the security agencies are already tracing his call logs.
So far, so many persons including high profile politicians, security agents and other militant leaders have been identified as frequent callers to his line, with their conversations being obtained.
Meanwhile, a top official of the DSS is being investigated for his involvement in the suspected shooting of Don Wanni as his actions show that he was being used by some government officials to kill every evidence that may implicate some high profile persons in the state.
More details as events unfold...