UNUSUAL CROSS ON OUR ROADS- Who is mortgaging the souls of the people?

Apostle Paul asked , " O ye foolish Galatians, Who has bewitched you?"
When an unusual Cross is erected in a roundabout, at the centre of the major Aba road in the capital city of Port Harcourt, then, definitely someone is about to bewitch the people of the State.
The Cross which ought to have been a symbol of the death of Christ has been perverted to signify the crucifixion of the people of Rivers State.

While many would be easily deceived to believe that it is an act of purity, spirituality and Trinity, the hidden truth is that the entire state has been bewitched!
Recall that the seven sons of Sceva also did a similar thing by imitating the Holy Spirit.
The suspicious motive behind the sudden construction of Roundabouts in the state even where Flyovers should have been the case is a matter for the people, residents and visitors of the state to call for retrospection.
Where the Pastors and Priests, the Elders, Women and Youths fail to speak up or act, then a time will come when another in the spirit and likeness of Apostle Paul, will ask, "O you foolish Rivers people, who has BEWITCHED you?"
The time to save Rivers State is now!

Oby Ndukwe 

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