Over the weekend I sat and listened to a blogger who felt like a superstar for engaging on campaigns of calumny over a man who is love, humility, simplicity and care personified in the person of Bro. Felix Obuah. And as I listened deeply it clicked that the Social Media platform is also a tool to seek relevance, fight perceived wrongs, politics or no politics.

That those who fight you are people who claim to know you, when in reality they are very comfortable feeding on the alter of assumptive and presumptive " Journalism" - much thanks but no thanks to Social Media. However these self acclaimed critics fail woefully in their judgement of the concept of "KNOWING", Knowledge or epistemology. 

Some Facebook critics, only have birth or parents local affinity to a place as their only huge " CLAIM" to citizenship and membership of such local geographic contraption or area. Some have never and may never retire or reside in their native villages or towns. Fears of the unknown, witches, wizards and imagined enemies from their ancestral homes gives them enough excuses never to visit. However in the midst of all these self inflicted boundaries and myths, exist a son, a daughter or a group of progressives who strive day and night to put such communities in positions of recognition and economic growth. One of such is Bro. Felix Obuah.

Such people from inception have accepted to be called "local" bred, "garried" and educated in their local environment. They live with, live through, invest in and suffer similar challenges and calamities like any one else, rejoicing and glorifying God in good times also. They have a pact with the land of their birth, never to leave her , no matter the circumstance or situation.

Like the cocks crow at dawn, they become a reason for others to wake up, and like the mother hen, he protects his people. In silent and grief-stricken moments he cries under the rain with hands stretched out, to keep others afloat, to keep his people from drowning, he watches and trudges on, steadfast in loyalty to his people.

Did you say you did not know these?

He invests all he has on the economic, social and spiritual life of his people tirelessly and unconditionally, gradually drifting beyond his traditional boundaries to others from far away, like the morning dew, watering the hopes, aspirations, desires and destinies of many, to him life is for all to live well, challenges can be surmounted through giving, people can be encouraged and empowered to discover their potentials, and find their independence, and just like the gift of the sun - blessings, must " Go Round". Yet you don't know all these, and the depth of a man's love for all humanity. And you claim to KNOW him? Yes he is from your LGA, but when last did you visit or live there?

You want us to scream his goodness to the high heavens because it is POLITICALLY CORRECT TO DO SO? No it has nothing to do with politics but the calling to serve, a burden God laid on his heart. We do not need to shout for ONELGANS to appreciate this gift of a happy humble giver and helper to all. Yet you are from ONELGA and claim not to know!

Is it really honourable or like Judas, acceptable, to negotiate with those who are  threatened by his forthrightness, to set up our son for enemies by fabricating unfounded stories and fables even in his innocence? Or for strangers to raise up and exonerate him instead of his people?

No matter the promised price, should we not  pray for him to prosper, that his yams be well roasted and soft to the bite, so that more pieces can fall to the ground for ants to feast? If you are not well grounded you may take this literarily, that in itself, is the reason why intellectually we flounder.

On a lighter note, let me quote an unknown author thus: "The truth is bitter, but beer is better. But the truth that BEER is betters is BITTER'

Lying to others, to oneself and believing your own lies is the height of total loss of one's. conscience.  

Ride on Bro. Felix Obuah,  the Almighty God we serve will continue to vindicate you. 


Prince Ike Anselm Chukwu

PA to Go Round