Yesterday was so interesting as a lot of things happened at the APC VICTORY THANKSGIVING.
See highlights below
  • Wike Showed Up

    We were in shock when we saw  Gov. Wike at Magnus Abe/APC Victory Thanksgiving.
These men are supposed to be political arch enemies but they are still friends.
Even when the crowd was cheering "Magnus for Gov", Gov. Wike kept his smile; now that's what we call maturity. Shout out to our Governor for being able to differentiate between a ceremony and political campaign. He graced the event nicely.

  • Amaechi Was Absent 

Our very own APC lion of the South was absent at his party's Victory Thanksgiving. Well thiswas allegedly because of the fight between members.
We have been informed that APC isn't unified anymore as they have two factions ; There is an Amaechi&Dakuku faction  and Magnus&Barry Mpigi faction.

This was confirmed to be because Amaechi wants Dakuku to run for 2019 while the other Faction wants Magnus. Yesterday was drama filled as most party members indirectly tongue lashed Amaechi.
  • Elder Chidi Wihioka Didn't Know the Name of Nigeria's Senate President:

One of APC's strong men Elder Chidi Wihioka during his speech called Bola Tinubu our Senate President. He was then corrected by someone that the name of our Senate President is Bukola Saraki. It was quite embarrassing.
  • AIT Stopped Airing The Event:
During a rebroadcast of the event on Saturday night, AIT stopped airing the event within noticed during Elder Chidi Wihioka's speech. The last sentence he made was " some people think they are the owners of APC, today we have come to show them that APC doesn't belong to one person". Rumors have it that he's talking about Amaechi.
  • The Wike and Magnus Rumour:
At the event, just after the arrival of Gov. Wike, we heard a lot of people gossiping about one topic.
They mentioned that before Gov. Wike decided to attend the APC Victory Thanksgiving , it means him and Magnus have come to a conclusion about 2019 elections after an underground meeting.
They said the agreement might be that Wike will win 2019 elections, after which Magnus will be the Next Governor.