Men Are Getting More Laid Back- Oyintare Dite Ojoko

Before you vent your anger on Mrs Oyintare Dite Ojoko for saying men are laid back, take your time in reading this article she posted on Facebook.

I know that love or loving is not gender based, however increasingly I have noticed that you have more women attending marriage seminars, going for marriage workshops, reading up on love and romance and seemingly doing more to see that their marriages work.
It does seem that women are becoming more marriage/love literate while the men are more laid back with the view that what do they want to learn?.
Please do not take this as husband bashing. It is from a heart that has heard the spoken and unspoken cries of women wishing their husbands would acquire some marriage skills. Some brothers take offence when their wives tell them they do not sexually satisfy them. Some wonder why they always say " I am tired, I have headache ". 
My brothers, if a woman is sexually satisfied and taken to " Jerusalem " in almost all your encounters, she will rarely dodge meeting you in zoda  room.😉😉😉

 If every man, takes time to ask his wife " how can I pleasure you? How do I satisfy you"? Hmmmm, na una go tire.

A woman takes longer time to warm up. When the man is almost at the peak, the woman is just doing press up. There are stuffs a man can do to see that he holds on and gets his wife to meet him.

Husband, please listen to your wife.
T.D.O, Wife of E.D.A Ojoko.

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