We are pleased to say Happy Marriage Anniversary to Asu Ekiye and his wife, this two have come a long way and we pray they continue their marriage in peace and love.

See Asu Ekiye's Anniversary Speech Below.


ITS MY 20th Wedding Anniversary today.

My Name is Asu Ekiye, The Prince of the Niger Delta and 
For the first time in my history, I present to you my ORIGINAL WEDDING CARD
I used all my savings both home and abroad to print this card. Every other thing in preparation for the wedding was by Faith.. 
I went round the whole of Portharcourt begging for support for the wedding. 
I grew so lean soliciting for funds because the money was no where forthcoming but I was determined not to miss my vision based year for marriage. 
On my wedding day, I passed out due to stress, frustration and fatigue because I was a "one man committee of friends". My elder sister of Blessed Memory, Mrs Nursere Ukiri, had to force milk mixed with malt as an emergency aid  to resuscitate me. 
Life was very frustrating. We had no house because the only house I rented in preparation for the wedding was seized from me prior to the wedding day, since the house rent was paid to a dubious Landlord, so we had to prepare for the wedding without a house. 
My shoes for the wedding was borrowed from my friend Nare Batubo, equipment was borrowed from Rev Christy Bature Ogbeifun, the suite for the court wedding was borrowed without permission from my cousin Konboye Waritimi and many more stuff like that..
INFACT I wondered at the motivation behind this young lady who agreed to marry a scary looking man like this that was also very poor. 
7 years after our marriage we could not bear even one child. So it was a mixed bag of poverty combined with childlessness.. But we walked so much by Faith and by cheer determination and a dogged and compromising penchant to succeed. 
Today the story is different . Check out for yourself the transformation.. Not just on our faces but in our home with children and the blessings of life..
I salute the courage of this woman who agreed to stay with me In spite of the bleak future. 
If my wife was looking for an SUV driving husband, she would have missed a blessed ASU..Hahahaha....
Kudos to the wife of my youth who, after God, is the very pillar behind my success today.. 
That's why I advice my friends , please get married before you become Rich or Famous. Then you will streslessly locate or identify your true Love.. 
Please join me to thank the Lord Almighty for the journey so far..