There was an accident last night in Port Harcourt that would have claimed life if the armed forces hadn't come to the aid of the accident victims.
Read the story as narrated by one of the victims, Tammy Egberike 
Please join me & me friends to say a mighty big "thank you Lord" for preserving and saving us all from a high speed motorist last night on our way back from church midweek week service in New GRA.
This happened on 8th Thurs January 2018.

It was just like in the movies, where by you see it all flash right before you that "Mehn this car is running into the vehicle your in" and in just a split second of impact, and before you know it... It had already happened. (I can still feel the impact).
I have never been in an accident vehicle before and I pray never to be in one ever again, or any of my friends.

It happened around past 9pm to 10pm. My friend was driving and another male friend was in the front seat and I was at the back, just blocks away from my junction when this shocking unexpected accident occurred.... 
Thanks to God, we all came out unharmed.

We only thank God that the impact of the other car who ran into us wasn't at the doors of our car or else maybe it would have be a different story.

#frankly, everyone suspected the other motorist was abit tipsy plus being distracted by his passenger in the front seat making him not to concentrate on the road just few metres from a bad spot junction oh.

Please fellow drivers/motorist, don't get distracted when/while driving even for a second....  Alot can happen when you least expect... Especially this month of February...

Thanks to our bosses & good friends, church members who came to assist. May God continue to protect & bless you all.

According to the police/Army/Sars office who came also to our rescue last night & arrested the situation, it was well handled.(Them try come on time sha).
Thanks to the Naija Armed Forces. They are trying now sha.