In the past weeks, we have experienced higher than normal temperature in Rivers State. Even if the rains have been kind a few times already, it may not necessarily indicate the end of the unpleasant heat. The Rivers State Commissioner for Environment, Prof Roseline Konya has pointed out that Rivers State will continue to experience the severe heat in the coming weeks.

In an interview with Rhythm 93.7FM, the commissioner explained that the heat is a direct effect of climate change, which is typically caused by the emission of greenhouse gases that deplete the ozone layer and expose us to the more severe effects of the sun.

She said she cannot tell when it will end, but that the Nigerian Meteorological Agency (NIMET) has said it will continue for some time. She however, advised residents to adopt certain behavioural changes, including; taking cold baths at night and staying indoors more often. She said these could help protect the skin from severe damage and itch.

Although residents may be praying for more rain to set up cooler conditions, the state is still faced with severe flooding challenges, which displaced people from their homes last year.

Credit: Touch Port Harcourt