The zonal office of the Department of Petroleum Resources in Rivers State have issued a stern warning to Port Harcourt residents about the dangers of using expired gas cylinders. The Head of gas department in the DPR, Port Harcourt zonal office, Patrick Emordi issued the warning when speaking to Rhythm FM.
A lot of homes use Liquefied Petroleum Gas – a mixture of hydrocarbon gases, as fuel for their cookers. The gas is usually stored in 4kg to 15kg cylinders. While this seem to be a safer means to fuel cookers, the Department of Petroleum Resources have warned that “rickety and expired cylinders are time bombs waiting to explode.”
Mr. Emordi encouraged people who use gas cookers in their homes to check for the expiry date of the cylinder and replace them when they are expired.
“We encourage people to check the ring of the cylinder, you will see the expiring date, and once your gas cylinder has expired, throw it away or return it to wherever you purchased it.”
A common practice which may pose greater risks for homes is the exchange of cylinders between users and dealers for a more efficient delivery system. This makes it more difficult for users to monitor the condition of their cylinders. People who use this system of delivery should ensure that their dealers give them replacement in cylinders that have not expired, or may choose to suspend the system.

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