Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike has said President Muhammadu Buhari would be invited to commission projects in the state, even though he is unlikely to honour the invitation

Governor Wike who spoke in an interview with newsmen in Port Harcourt said he will invite the President in October for the commencement of another leg of project commissioning in the State.
He noted that contrary to what he called the propaganda of the APC, he was not against the Federal Government.
He said that he was only committed to the fight against injustice, adding that the APC Federal Government had been plotting insecurity in the state.
Wike claimed that the APC and the Federal government had been holding sinister meetings on how to take Rivers in 2019.
“That’s part of the misconception. I don’t stand up against Federal Government. I stand up against injustice and marginalization. It has nothing to do with the Federal Government. If this Government is not in place tomorrow and another government comes and they perpetrates injustice, I will stand up against them. It has nothing to do with Federal Government”, Governor Wike said.
“I am not interested whether EFCC backs off or not. A body that does not respect the rule of law. A body that is full of impunity. That is what the Federal Government is all about, impunity.
“You heard the President say National Interest supercedes rule of law. I am not against the EFCC fighting corruption if at all they are fighting corruption.
“I was not here in 2007. Rivers State Government went to court against the EFCC to say the commission has no constitutional power to interrogate the finances, the expenses of the State Government.
And the matter was adequately addressed and judgment was given against EFCC. Since 2007, EFCC has been struggling to appeal the judgment. EFCC has not succeeded up till now. What they are doing now is when they feel a government is not pro-Buhari, let’s do this”