SEKI as a dance form seeks to trace the roots of the American Tap Dance to the Core Niger Delta Area Of Nigeria, through an amalgam of masquerade displays, Aquarian nuances, drama, fused with rhythmic songs and drums in a pantomimic flavour.

There is a fundamental undergird in terms of motivation, which is simply that #SEKI is a non-violent response to the entreaties of foreign incursions and its pervading influence on the cultural mores of the Rivers People of the Niger Delta.
So, in one breath, #SEKI seeks to promote the positive virtues and values sancrsanct to a people of peaceful and hospitable disposition but misrepresented as volatile and irritable.
With focused and persistent sacrifice, the cast and crew of
Seki Dance Drama (Created and Directed by Yibo Koko) have etched Rivers state and the Niger Delta Area Of Nigeria in the global cultural map as a creative hub through our various performances in Nigeria.
We are enthused that our resilient efforts have caught the attention of the mainstream global media.
Our continued performances showcase a redirection of how our collective identity is projected and how we are perceived as a people.

Thus from Friday, 7th of September 2018 through Thursday 13th September 2018, on CNN (Cable News Network) ‘African Voices’, the project, Seki, shall be showing at 9:30am & 5:30pm CAT.
Please tune in as your feedback would be valuable to us.
This media coverage on CNN is in furtherance of our proposed #SEKI WORLD TOUR scheduled for the first quarter of 2019. To actualise this global vision collectively, we would like to use this opportunity to invite you to partner with the Seki Project.
This open invitation is based on the strategic place we as a people occupy in the building of Nigeria of our dreams through our soft power cultural exchange vision.
For sponsorship considerations and enquiry call: Yibo Koko on  08063338444