Comrd. Richard Masi

The president of Orashi Development and Empowerment Initiative [ODEI], has called on the National Assembly and all stakeholders within the Niger Delta region to back the Interim committee of Nddc headed by Gbene Dr Joi Nunie and inaugurated by the Minister of Niger Delta Sen. Akpabio with the support of our visionary president Muhammadu Buhari GCFR. with the solitary mission of ensuring a successful Audit regime of the failed and corruption infested Commission.


Comrd. Richard Masi, speaking to newsmen over the weekend in Ogba/Egbema/dNoni L.G.A of Rivers state, lamented that the poor leadership Nddc has had the last 18 years, accusing politicians of undermining the development of the region at the expense of their parochial political interest.
In his exact words, 
"How do you give Road construction contracts to individuals who do not have an office, let alone owning a spade, This irresponsible act must STOP" He lamented, adding that most Niger Delta contractors do not even pay their statutory Tax to the federal or state governments where they reside. How can the commission or region make progress like this?

"I Thank President Buhari for calling for this audit. The people of Niger Delta expect it to be thorough. Every contract given to mushroom companies that have neither delivered due to Incompetence and evaded Tax must be revoked.  Contractors without a verifiable address must not be considered going forward so that Nigerian banks can begin to have some belief in the Commission as it was in the beginning. Every contract must be advertised and due process followed before awarding same. This way, there will be transparency and accountability in the system."
 "The people of orashi are the highest in oil and gas production in Nigeria, but we have been abandoned by FG, Rivers state Govt and NDDC. As law-abiding and peace-loving people, we will continue to engage the Govt at all levels through dialogue to carry out a needs assessment of our people and give us what we require to move our region forward.""Orashi region is currently submerged in great floods and I call on the National assembly to lift their embargo on spending so Nddc can come to the aid of our people." "We thank President Buhari once again and call on all stakeholders to support the Interim board for the greater good of the Niger Delta people."

Richard Masi