The Paradox of a Niger Delta Community - Finima.

Here is a peaceful community of vibrant people of hospitable nature caught in between the beauty and ambience of a natural sandy white beach stretching over 10 kilometers of sea shore and the ever presence of gas flare from the operational activities of International Oil and Gas companies.

Below are pictures of members of the community, the indigenous people of Finima, young and old with their families and friends taking the timeout just a few days ago, on the 31st of December 2019. A day that has now become customary. Adopted as a yearly Beach Day of the Finima People. 

The Paradox is that as they enjoy themselves swimming and sun bathing and dancing to the music tunes ringing out of the loud speakers located at strategic areas of the stage and as people move around visiting the temporary stalls to purchase cold drinks,  barbeque fish and some local delicacies of roast plantain and yam in peppered sauce, you see and even perceive the combustion smell of black  fume and blaze of fire fiercely gushing out of the turnels of International Oil and Gas companies located just a few yards away.

So, while a whole community of people gather to enjoy some of  nature's best gifts for their relaxation...the sandy white beach, the sea to swim and surf and the sun to bask in; Man's industrial activities is being carried out with no inhibitions and consideration for the lives, good health and long time survival of their hosts. And unknown to this community of people of divers age and status, that every minute spent there is a time spent in the reduction of their lifespan. Every breath of theirs is a composition of hazardous substances that floats in the air they breathe. The atmosphere is not only polluted but it comes with  dark cloud of disaster in the making. And no remedial action is seen to be taking by the Federal Government to reduce the effect of this sort of environmental chaos happening in Finima, a vibrant host community to NLNG, Mobil Producing, Shell Petroleum Development Company, etc.  which is located on the Bonny Island. 

What a paradox that in the midst of what seem to be a wonderful life of steady and uninterrupted electricity supply and pipeborne water and other amenities availability to the community lurks a disaster in the making, a  life-threatening industrial activities from the same source - The OICs. 

These companies must be prepared to hold a talk, a conversation, if you like, with the representatives of the host Community. It does not matter how difficult it may be... There is nothing, no challenge  that cannot be summounted, if there is sincerety of purpose on the part of the companies that operate on the Island.

Credit : Tamunobere Phillip Brown