Yesterday a Whale was found laying by the Agaja Seashore off the Coast of Finima in Bonny LGA by the confluence of the Atlantic Ocean.
As expected, locals stormed the area and cut as much as they could for cooking and selling, while for others to experience this Gigantic aquatic creature. 
This may be unconnected with the Croaker fishes (Broke Marriage)  seen dead some days back. 
This is so because it is a norm that at intervals this kind of occurrence happens. It was so sometime in 2017 at almost the same region. Residence of Oyorokoto, Agaja, Finima - Bonny can attest.

The State's Ministry of Environment may need to intensify efforts in its ongoing research on the Croaker fishes so we can know if this too is also connected to it until then, DO NOT PANIC! .

Could it be natures palliative to Bonny people?

📸 @Bara kabaka
🚩 Agaja fishing Port, Bonny Island