Civil Rights Council, Rivers State Secures Release Of 2 Drivers Detained At SARS For 17 Days On False Allegations By Their Boss:- A Prominent Rivers Politician

Two men Denis Odachi and Sermon Emmanuel who are drivers to a prominent Rivers Politician who have been detained at Special Anti-Robbery Squad(SARS), PortHarourt regained freedom after spending 17 days in custody following Civil Rights Council, Rivers State intervention.

One of the driver said the Boss sent them to go buy petrol. When they could not find petrol at Aba road that night, they went to Eleme junction and while coming back they were involved in a minor accident. The drivers were held hostage by family of the accident victim until their Boss came to clear the hospital bill of the victim before they were released.

On getting to the Hotel of their Boss at Port Harcourt, the Boss invited Police who arrested them and took the drivers to SARS on frivolous allegation that the drivers want to sale his car. The Politician framed the drivers up and they were detained at SARS based on strength of the allegations.

Succour came their way Today when Civil Rights Council, intervened in the matter and got in touch with the Commander of SARS, in Rivers State CSP Iwu who ordered the unconditional and immediate release of the two men. The drivers were released without paying a kobo