If You Live In Rivers State Read This 13 Important Information Before You Go Out To Your Workplace

Residents of Rivers State especially the those living in port-harcourt and obia-kpor axis were in jubilation mode when the news came out that Governor Nyesom Wike has eased the lockdown and restrictions of movement imposed in the state.

Months earlier, Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike impose total Lockdown in the state as movement of people and goods within and outside the state were banned in a bid by the State Government to curtail the spread of COVID-19 that has been ravaging the country.

The state government has been active and has fully ensured that the deadly virus does not spread in the state as all the measures and protocols laid down has ensured that the virus doesn't have a breathing space inbthe state.

Is no doubt that the lockdown has brought hardships to the people of Rivers and they are looking forward to dash out to our business and other engagements.

So before you leave your house Please read this, digest and practice it:

We have to adjust Our Way Of Life and Help ourselves by PRACTICING PERSONAL HYGIENE.

Remember that coronavirus is still out there and as you come out to your workplace, remember you will be different kinds of people bus/taxi Drivers, Hawkers, Customers, Road users, Food Vendors etc. So we need to be very careful and upgrade the level of our 


1. Don't use your mouth or teeth to open satchet water (Pure Water) because the sellers hands had touched.

2. Incase you wants to buy food, don't allow the seller to cut, peel or blow it for you. Remember, Coronavirus Thrive On Droplets. 

3. Always eat in a clean and hygiene environment. Don't eat in a dirty restaurant.

4. Obey the social distancing rule. Stop shaking and hugging people from now on.

5. Constantly wash your hands with soap or with alcohol based santizer when ever you touch money or mistakenly shake it touch a public object.

6. Always be cautious of yourself. When you touch any object especially the naira note, don't put the same hand in your eyes, nose or mouth. Wash it off immediately with soap or hand sanitizer

7. Do not place your mouth directly on bottle of any soft drink of another person ( please do not share food or drinks with people for now).

8. Constantly cleans surfaces where people touch or make use of especially in seats and tables in a restaurant or your office( bank cashier's take note)

9. Do things yourself now. The time of Our at the top is over

10. Stop Touching People whenever you are having a discussion with them. its a bad habit and it's time to end it.

 11. Whenever we buy anything from the market or shopping mall especially stuffs wrapped in a Nylon bag, we should be aware that the Nylon bag can be be contaminated. When you get home wash your hands immediately and also the goods.

12. Always Close the rest room Seat After Flushing. Bacteria, Viruses etc Goes On Air With Uncovered toilet seat. 

13. If you have your personal car, this ia the time to keep making regular use of it In order to minimize risks of Infections associated with public transport.

14. In conclusion, whenever you get home after the days work, don't hug, kiss or touch your partner or kids. First thing you should do is to head straight to the bathroom and have a shower and wash immediately your clothes and change into a new clothes before you come in contact with your family.

Please let us be careful. May God always protect us all. Amen. @safetyhub1

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