Graphic Photos: Police allegedly Shoots at 19-year-old for impregnating a Girl in Gokana

A 19 year old boy is now living with fear of possibly losing his left leg after a trigger happy police officer allegedly shot at him for reportedly Impregnating a girl. 

Doctors attending to him have said he needs three surgeries urgently lest he risks having the leg amputated.
The incident, sources say involving the boy, Ledisi Kote happened at the his father's compound on Friday morning in K-dere community at Gokana Local Government Area.
The boy's father narrated what transpired. 

He said: "I was in my compound in K-Dere community in Gokana local government area of Rivers state on Friday morning around 7AM, when a Sienna drove in with about four armed police men. They went straight to my son's room door and were banging and cocking their guns. 

"I approached them to inquire what my son did wrong that they were looking for him, but none of them answered me. It was one of them who angrily told me that my son impregnated a girl

"The next thing I heard from the backyard was a gunshot. One of the officers shot my son on the leg simply because he impregnated a girl. They went away while he was bleeding profusely. I had to rush him to a private hospital". 

Keto's family is now seeking for Justice and have  taken their complaint to the Rivers Police Headquarters at Moscow Road. 

Amongst other things, they desire to see officers responsible for allegedly shooting their son brought to book and compelled to take care of the medical bills resulting from the gunshot injuries.

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