Appeal Court did not Upturn Justice Omereji's Judgement on Igo Aguma - Worgu Boms

Director General of the Senator Magnus Abe 2019 Governorship Campaign Organisation, Worgu Boms says Tuesday's Court of Appeal Judgement which restored the leadership of the Isaac Ogbobula led APC Caretaker Committee did not set aside Justice Omereji's June judgement.
Boms a former attorney general of Rivers State also said the court lacked jurisdiction to entertain the matter.

He said the Igo Aguma APC faction in the state will get justice in the Rivers State judiciary.

Boms spoke during a briefing on Thursday at the Freedom House.

He said the faction will not be intimidated by the Appeal Court Judgement and warned that individuals will continue to trouble the party so long as members who bought forms to partake in congresses in 2018 are being denied.

Justice Omerejis  judgement was not upturned by Abuja Apoeal court it was only preserved.

 The court lacked jurisdiction to entertain it.

Therefore only those who bought forms will take part in the congresses until or except the Dele Moses case is set aside.

"No one can intimidate us it will not work. No power exist in this world to stop anyone access to justice.

"The Rivers State Judiciary is here to hear us.

"No judge is Rivers should fall for any cheap blackmail by the other faction of APC. They should open even on Sunday.

"We hereby open litigation funds for any of our members who want to go to court. To provide funding for such persons," he said.

He congratulated Hon Ben Chioma on his emergence as the new Caretaker Chairman of their faction.

Credit: City News