NEW YEAR ADDRESS: Governor Nyesom Wike goes silent on threatened lockdown, expresses dismay about roadside trading

...Urges Rivers people and residents to adhere strictly to compulsory wearing of facemasks, maintenance of social distancing, avoidance pf large gathering and regular use of hand sanitizers so that the state can reasonably prevent the rate of COVID-19 transmission and avoid needless deaths from the virus.
I wish to express my dismay at the continued floating on the ban of trading and creation of illegal motor parks and mechanic workplaces as well as erection of illegal kiosks along our streets and other public places. 

Apart from constituting public nuisances, these activities and structures obstruct traffic flows and pose serious threat to security to the extent no other state government can tolerate. 

We have no option but to order the immediate clampdown and put a final stop to these illegal operations from the 4th of January 2021.

~ Governor Nyesom Wike speaking during his new year address, January 1st 2021