Picture Showing RSU students Learning in the Open Field Surfaces Online

A picture has emerged on social media showing some students of the Rivers State University (RSU) studying in an open field on Friday.

The picture which was shared by one of the students is now generating diverse reactions on the social media. 
According to the student who shunned the consequences to publish the picture, it has become a normal for them to learn in the open field due to lack of classroom to accommodate them.

City News gathered the said course that was being taught in the picture is a faculty one bringing together students from about 6 departments.

It was also learned that the faculty building is already under construction.

However Henry wrote: "Not a field lecture or a practical, but a lecture which is supposed to b in a conducive learning class, brought out to the field, cus we do not have a class to learn, AEB, PSB, MCB, MED LAB, NURSING, Departments having Bio 102 lectures".

Some Rivers people who reacted to the story urged the state government to address the issue with the same speed and precision it is taking on the construction of roads and flyovers.

Others also lamented that the students as shown in the picture were not observing any of the COVID 19 protocols even as supposed science students.

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