Staff of the Rivers State House of Assembly will on January 12th commence strike in protest of their four years unpaid allowances.

The staff had in December 2020 notified the Leadership of the house of their grievances and plan to embark on the industrial action if their appeals were not addressed. 

Below is a letter written by the national association of the assembly staff association:
The Rt. Hon. Speaker
Rivers State House of Assembly Port Harcourt Rivers State
Thru: The Clerk of the House
Rivers State House of Assembly Port Harcourt Rivers State

The Rt. Hon. Speaker, Sir,

The above subject matter refers, please.
We refer to our earlier correspondences with Reference Number PASAN//NS/ADM/RV/33 dated 15th September, 2020 and 7th October, 2020 issuing three weeks (21 days) and two weeks (14 days) ultimatum respectively following your inability to resolve the issues itemized below:

Payment of outstanding Outfit and Committee Allowances for the year 2013, 2014, 2019 and 2020.

Restoration of Legislative Duty Allowances.
Implementation of Consolidated Legislative Salary Structure (CONLSS)

Reviving of Staff Training and Welfare Schemes.

Improvement of deplorable Staff welfare conditions and working environment.

While we thank the Leadership of the Rivers State House of Assembly for opening up channels of communication and negotiation with our Rivers State Chapter of the Union, we wish to express our displeasure that none of our demands have been met despite our benevolence by suspending our on-going Industrial Action process given Mr. Speaker's plea for more time. And till this moment, no official response has been received from the Leadership and Management of the Assembly.

The Union least expect that a vibrant State like Rivers who is respected amongst the league of states should allow these issues linger for this long.

Whereas, within the three weeks (21 days), the two weeks (14 days), and a Congress Communique communicating 4th January, 2021 deadline for the over two months grace period, none of these issues were addressed, we hereby issue a final one week (7 days) ultimatum for these issues to be urgently addressed or the Union will be left with no other option than to embark on an indefinite Industrial Strike.

Please, accept the assurances of our highest regards.

Comrade D. D. Y. Suleman
Secretary General