OPM free school in OKRIKA to be closed down over threats from indigenes

According to the General Overseer of OPM Apostle  Chibuzor Gift  Chinyere 

“Sometimes we complain about government, while we are enemies of our own self.

I visited OKRIKA community in rivers state one day and found out that upon all the big multinationals in the community, many little children are out of school in that community because there is no single free school to help those that don’t have money for school fees of there children in that community and I hate seeing children not going to school. Only rich children go to school.

So I decided OPM church open a 100 percent free school for everyone including Muslims and Christian that can not not pay school fees. Remember this is not my community. I am from Abia.

And after the free school, we are also to opened a 24 hours free hospitals will also be opened.

Currently am not in town, only to get a message that some persons are threatening the place where the free school is located. And gave it 7 days.

Is sad some individuals are more interested in what they will get than the educational future of this children. They prefer this little children not to go to school, so in future they can be used as political thugs. Very sad.

Just 3 months ago 15 natives of OKRIKA in rivers state were sent outside Nigeria on full university scholarships by OPM church. 

Something they are supposed to appreciate GOD for .

Now you are coming to make trouble with the free OPM school. Saying they must close it down in 7 days.

To avoid crisis we have no option than to close it down.

Suspend all future university scholarship in OKRIKA. But the 10 natives of OKRIKA already benefiting still remain under OPM scholarship till graduation.

Suspend the proposed construction of 24 hours OPM free specialist hospitals in OKRIKA.

Suspend all other humanitarian operations in OKRIKA.

Sometimes I wonder why some people will send their own children to school and don’t want other people children to go to school.