Meet Godswill Njoku, The 23 year Old African and his team Solving an $8 Billion Dollars Global Healthcare Problem.

Godswill Njoku ,CEO of HOSPIYOU, said in a meeting, “I Grew up in PortHarcourt, Nigeria, it is one of those unique cities in Africa, even though it was also plagued with its version of crime and poverty, if u were the smartest there then you’re most likely the smartest in the world because trust me like almost every City in Africa it is a very tough place to survive and Nigerians are very industrious people, when you walk down the streets you’d practically find everyone going about their business.”

In 2017, When Godswill was 17 years old he attended the Einstein Science Challenge Competition of Over 10,000 Students from the best schools in Nigeria and he emerged 1st Position and was named YOUNG EINSTEIN 2017.


Godswill Njoku With The Former Deputy Governor of Rivers State and principal of NDSS

Also in 2016 , he Attended the Annual Nigerian national Olympiads and won 2nd position in Biology


Also graduated high school as the best graduating student in 2017 from NDSS Niger Delta Science School , PortHarcourt, Nigeria, West Africa 

He Got admission to Study medicine at the Medical University of Varna, Bulgaria at the age of 17, “So I left Nigeria to pursue this dream of studying medicine and becoming a doctor, At that point I was trying to see if I could learn a Skill that would make me some money to sustain me in medical school and at the same time enable me still have enough time left to study my medical books and attend classes. So that took me into researching and trying out many businesses like I once did an AIRBNB business, as well as hosting jobs, I tried out modelling and made some money from it and I spent over 4years acquiring numerous skills like AI use/applications in health care, Health technology, medical history testing, Machine Learning in Healthcare, business management, financial management, flying Helicopters, Leadership Skills, communication skills, video editing and many more from Udemy, LinkedIn, youtube. I took lots of courses, I studied for 8hours compulsorily everyday for over 5years.

Godswill Njoku at the library studying 

Studying and practicing Medicine and spending time in several hospitals in Africa and Europe with patients has opened me up over the years to the direct challenges people and patients face when it comes to them receiving proper Healthcare services. I discovered that the adoption of Technology in Healthcare especially in Africa would solve most of our healthcare challenges.

I started with the development of the HospiYou app because I had received so many complaints from people and patients about the numerous number of problems they face when it comes to their health care and I lost my best friend due to the poor health care system in Nigeria, Africa. He wasn’t attended to in a timely manner and he ended losing his life, he was ill and then went to the hospital, from what I was told when my best friend Got to the hospital he was asked to sit down and he sat down there for almost an hour without his basic medical data even taken , then when he was finally asked to stand up he slumped and died, it was an extremely painful and sad experience genuinely hearing that this happened to my best friend whom was there for me while I was taking exams to leave Nigeria and go study medicine in Europe And I thought of no better way to fix this problems than through merging Artificial Intelligence , technology with Medicine and healthcare 


My friend, Favour Chima whom died due to a failed health care system in Nigeria played a huge role in my life, he was there for me when I was doing my A-levels at Enugu State University of Science and Technology and that was the loneliest / most depressing point in my life ever because I was trying to get admission to study medicine outside of Nigeria. He always cooked and cleaned, when I came back from school we usually go to play football or fetch water from the stream in Enugu back then. We squatted with my cousin in the same bedroom,1 room apartment for about a year until I finally left Nigeria to chase my dreams of becoming a doctor.

Godswill Njoku and his late best friend Chima Favour

Building HospiYou was not an easy process, mostly on the financial end because I had to use the little money I was making from doing other jobs to fund this project and at some point I owed two months of house rent in Europe because this Global Project needed finance to Build it, it was a painful and joyous experience , painful because I had also reached out to venture capitalists investment firms and some individuals during the idea stage of HospiYou to help fund me with some money to help me and my team build this Hospiyou App and get it to market but a few declined and most just said I should come back when the product is already on the market, it was painful that they couldn’t see my vision like I saw it , it was painful that they didn’t believe in my vision to revolutionise the Global and African health/medical landscape by merging technology and artificial intelligence.

Well , Joyous because even while building the app in very uncomfortable conditions I knew my Why? I didn’t want anyone to feel the pain of losing their lives or the lives of their loved ones due to the poor healthcare system in Africa, That was my motivation. The Building condition was so bad that I’d have to send the CTO Akomas πΌπ‘“π‘’π‘Žπ‘›π‘¦π‘– and other developers money to buy fuel and data so that they can code the Hospiyou app, even the CTO sometimes used his own feeding money to buy data and fuel just to be able to code at night. If there was one thing we all shared to make the building of the Hospiyou app a success it was the fact that we all had a passion for a better Global Healthcare system and this was our own way of making a Change.

HospiYou,inc is an AI Powered Telemedical Application that enables patients and users take AI diagnostic tests from the comfort of their homes and enables them have Remote consultations (Video calls, Voice Calls, Chat system) with medical professionals from across the Globe. With many more unique features like INHOME NURSING CARE SERVICES, AMBULANCE SAAS SYSTEM AS A SERVICE, MEDICAL ROBOTS, WEARABLES, HOSPIYOU FOR MEDICAL FACILITIES etc.


We are solving an 8 billion dollar global healthcare problem.



Hospiyou,inc which is officially Incorporated in Delaware, USA πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ , aswell as registered in Nigeria πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬, also has an office in Varna,Bulgaria and is about to Launch.

Godswill Nioku at Sveta Marina Hospital,Bulgaria, Europe with a colleague 

The impact HospiYou would have especially on the Health Care System in Africa and future diseases cure research and other technological advancements that it has envisioned would be monumental . HospiYou which was cofounded by Godswill Njoku and Akomas πΌπ‘“π‘’π‘Žπ‘›π‘¦π‘– , happened when Godswill Njoku finalised on the concept/idea and reached out to Akomas Ifeanyi who was his classmate in high school, NDSS PortHarcourt, and who is now a Software Engineer. So Akomas Ifeanyi loved the idea. And Godswill Njoku also reached out to Birthright Ntuk who is the Senior Product Designer at HospiYou aswell as Philip Ogbeye who attended Einstein Science challenge with Godswill Njoku and was 2nd Runner Up. And subsequently a plethora of amazing people joined in the vision of HospiYou to make health care accessible to anyone from anywhere and at anytime like Allwell Ihejirika who was the pioneer winner of Einstein Science challenge from NDSS, Tomiwa Omotayo, Vianney Nwene, Dr Olayele Ahmed, Dr Ifeanyi Saint Peters, Armon Rabie, Blessing Idiong, Hakeem Oluwaseyi, Miebi Timi, Ibiso Benson Taylor, Troy At, Isosiya Davies, Fawziyah Osinhe and many more wonderful minds.


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